Poverty Discretion

  • Thinking some games for kids in the province
Welcome to Poverty in Cambodia! We are a group of 13 students and one learning facilitator. We learn about poverty in Cambodia and also other countries including U.S., Zimbabwe, and Egypt. In class we do not only learn about poverty, but we also try find out the solutions to help people that live in the rural areas in the community in Kompong Chnang by researching. For our learning, we do not just learn from internet and listen to our learning facilitator, but we also invited some people that have the experiences working with the community people and go to other places to learn different things. I love to learn with this class because I can learn about Cambodia poverty and I happy to know about Cambodia poverty.  When we went to Kompong Chnang I play with kids and have fun with them and I learn about stupa. I so happy to learn with Poverty exploration.