Drone Proposal

Exploration Name: Remote Control Helicopter
Student Proposal Writers: Rithy Ketya Lux sophat
Number of Students you want in your Final Exploration: 4
Topic: To remove the helicopter part to see how it work
Subject Area: Technology

Summarize the goals of your exploration. : At the end of the exploration we want to know how do remote controlling systems work and what type of signal does broadcast.
What do you hope to do and learn? : I hope that we will know a lot about remote control and do some work about remote control. I know that it not easy and we have to work hard on it.

What are some BIG questions that your exploration would answer?
How do remote control stuff work?
How much money does it require to build an RC helicopter?
How would your exploration help to change Cambodia?
We will write the information that we’ve been research on our blog and go outside to
share our knowledge with Cambodian people so that they know how an RC helicopter and can closely estimate how much does it cost. Furthermore they can also choose the right quality helicopter with a good price. It also help them to learn about technology.
What resources do you need to complete this exploration?
The resources that we need to buy are RC helicopter, remote broadcaster and receiver.
Do you have a mentor/expert who could help you?

We want to learn what it inside and how it connect with something. We want to learn and we want to make one by our own if we can. We know that is exploration is complicate because we have just four members in our exploration. We just 7 weeks it very short time and we have to determine and focus about this project. For my personal idea I want to make about this Remote Control Helicopter and if we can I want to sell this book too.

Changing Cambodia

Being in Liger the exploration that change Cambodia is Entrepreneurship, Poverty. Entrepreneurship help Cambodia buy using 3D printer buy print the product. The plastic when we make the product it not a lot of chemical. It change Cambodia to use a new things and can develop country. Develop country by recycle plastic when the product is a good they can take product make it into glue and help them know to use computer and design. If have the product can sell and use and if smart can print the things that have a lot of profit and can help develop the country. Help people to think and to create things and they can think what can develop and can make interesting things that can make more tourism and when have money can use it to change Cambodia. Poverty we teach kids about play game and the game about thinking and creates things. If they grow bigger they can develop country by thinking and creates things. We teach old people about ankle spring and they listen good and if they know when they have ankle spring they can take care himself. Talking new people and share idea to help people in CPR and they can take our idea to use to help hiv people and they give the presentation to us too. When I go at my province I help my family to clean house and if the people near my house they see they can follow me. One more I help my brother know to talk little of English and when I see the rubbish I pick it if other see and big they can follow me because me small. I read book every day and do home work if the kids see they can follow me and if other kids see they can follow. I have been make the car from keyboard and need to thinking and working.

Water Safety

Water Safety messages

In class we also starting a project called Water Safety Message. We were making a message for the people in Cambodia to know more about water safety by making a poster in Inkscape. We’ve been looking at the other messages from East Africa that were developed by Tom Mecrow and make it into our own message such as drawing a new one by changing the background, the people and places. Before we draw the message in Inkscape, we were drawing it in paper and then upload it into the Inkscape. We started to paint and we are translating it into Khmer. The message that explain information about water safety we will translate in Khmer at the back, for the in front picture we are translating a sentence to show about the picture. If we have times after we finish the messages we will share it to the government.