3D Design

The main goal in this exploration is we want to teach the students at Chba Aom Pov high school know how to use Free Cad. We have a lot
of problem in this exploration because the computer at the school is don’t work with the program that we want is 123 design so we decide to use free cad because it faster than 123 design. We divide our member into three group and they all need to work with their group to make one video show how to use free cad. I know we have a lot of challenge but we have to do it. Sometimes when I stress I always have a great solution my teacher name Waseem he have a wonderful funny laughing so he make me feel better when I stress. When we make the video already than we edit it and maybe we will use it and give to Chba Aom Pov high school and they can follow step by step to learn how to use free cad. We not reach our goal yet maybe we will still continue our exploration next time.