Changing Cambodia

In this year I have two exploration that help to change Cambodia by different ways. My first exploration is PBL we had work with two public schools one of them at Kratie and another one in Phnom Penh. We been to their school and we explain them about PBL and we ask them does anyone love to learn PBL style they all like it. They said because it help students to learn better and research in real life to understand more about the topic. For our project we give a topic to them and they all act about that topic and it was amazing and they all enjoy it. We all having fun but it is a lesson. The second exploration is 3D design. In this exploration we work very hard because our goal is to teach people how to use 3D design such as FreeCad and 123Design. We had worked with one school in Phnom Penh and we have a lot of problem because most of the computer in their school are very very slow so we have to find a way to fix it. At last we had put our software FreeCad in their computer because this software not really make the computer slow. In our class we have 3 different teams one is beginner, medium, and advanced. In each team we have to make one video to explain how to use FreeCad. Because the time is too short so the exploration had end but we reached one of our goal. For the future I will help to change Cambodia more and more and more as possible.