Youtube Channel

We had created one Youtube Channel which is about soccer. Our team three members and our video we posting about challenges, practicing and skills. Right now we waiting for our school to finish our new stadium which is real grass. After our new stadium build, we will create more new videos about soccer.

Our Youtube Channel

Preventative Health (Koh Rong)

My most powerful highlights are to see the first seahorse in my life during snorkel I do not just see seahorse I also my first time to see octopus, pipefish and saw a lot of different kinds of fish under the new crazy world. I saw my favorite fish which is Blue Ring Angelfish. This is the first time to walk to the farthest waterfall which is really fun with hiking and also playing with a really cold water. It one of the changing Cambodia because we had educated students to know more about how to prevent their health such as teeth and also diet. I have communicated with a lot of students at the island and playing differents fun games with them. My favorite part of the exploration was to scuba dive I saw a really big fish like I was staying in a new colorful world. One of the challenge during scuba dive was hurting my ear when I was going to deep into the water and using sign under the water.