Engineering ASE

A few weeks ago when I was in Waseem’s ASE (engineering)I came up with an idea which was to build the robot arm. I was inspired by a youtube video, and I planned to create an exactly the same product as they did. It was not acceptable for me to copy the other’s work because I won’t learn anything new rather than promoting that person’s achievements. Moreover, three weeks ago I had finished with my first prototype which I built a really simple robot arm. Currently, I’m in the process of developing my product, and my goals are to use the standard components to build the robot such as 3D-Printing-Parts, Servo motors, Jumper cables, Bread-Board, Arduino, Power supply (5v), and Code. Lastly, I’m blissful to be apart of this project and I believe that in the future I will invent something new so that the world could benefit from it.  

The Creepy Bloody Halloween Night!!!!


It was a cold Halloween night when I saw the creepy shadow entered my bedroom. I heard the sound of the shadow emerged to my house silently, creepily, and aggressively. I couldn’t stand my ground; I was about to pass out! I started walking toward my closet and hid in there. There it was, a spooky, demon looking shadow with red eyes wandered around my room. What is it doing there, anyway? It looked underneath my bed, under my blanket, at my table, and it was coming toward me. What else can I do? Finally, I decided to fight with the ugly awful monster. I was standing over there and had a small talk with my opponent, “Come on you little stupid ugly baby monster, and I’m not going to scare you.” Whatever, today is Halloween day, you’re just a fake ghost; again come on baby. “You think that you guys are going to knock me down?” Suddenly, my brother emerged and fought against the two horrible monsters. The monster took out his gun and instantly shoot my brother on his head. It was my turn to death…. Zik-zik-zik-zik, “Good morning, my lovely son!” my mom shouted from the kitchen. Happy Halloween my dear; I bought you the special bloody creepy costume. “Thank you mom” I was amazed because the cloth that my mom bought for me was the cloth that the monster wore in my nightmare.

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