Literacy is a really tough class for me to handle since it’s an ESL to me. I’ve been working on improving many skills: writing, speaking (fluency), and other skills that are relevant to literacy. I perpetually use many online resources to develop these skills, and it encompasses Khan Academy, Newsela, and other free available sites.    

A few weeks ago, I was given an assignment by my literature teacher to write a short poem, and mine was about the Christchurch mosque shootings in New Zealand.

  • Hate is the darkest force the world has ever known
  • Hate comes from the difference in skin color, the difference in belief, and the difference in gender    
  • As a result, hate causes great suffering, violent discrimination, and lots of death
  • Hate is the murderer to millions of innocent people
  • Those innocents who died from hatred are us
  • They are us
  • They belong to this world, too!
  • There is always an option in life
  • To show compassion not discrimination
  • To show love not hate
  • The world, in fact, would be peaceful if there was never hate  
  • I’m here in front of you today to tell you that hate can be overcome
  • Because once we show love, people will always remember what we’ve done  
    • Now, take a moment to close your eyes to show respect and love to those 50 innocent people who got killed from hatred in New Zealand

Besides the poem, I love to read news about world current events and science articles. Newsela has everything, I really enjoy reading its articles since it comes with different reading levels; I can pick a level that’s reasonable for me, and it has various quizzes that I can do to reflect on my reading. It also comes with many other awesome functions and activities.


We also use Commonlit for reading and answering questions.  

I also use this site to develop my vocabulary skill.


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