Frisbee golf

My game is frisbee golf. I not using basket I using the stick. This game they can play in team or single player. I have 9 sticks and they all far from each other than all player have to throw from the start until the frisbee get to the second stick and they count how many throw to get the second stick. Until the last stick they count all the throw and who get the least throw is the winner of the game. There are two style to throw the frisbee backhand and forehand.

Non-players are routinely found in the course environment.

All the rule in the game
Players should not throw until they are certain the thrown disc will not distract another player or injure anyone present.
Players should take care to not distract other players while it is their turn.
Littering on the course is discouraged and considered a courtesy violation.
Players are expected to watch where other players’ discs go and search for discs in the event they are lost.


Drone Proposal

Exploration Name: Remote Control Helicopter
Student Proposal Writers: Rithy Ketya Lux sophat
Number of Students you want in your Final Exploration: 4
Topic: To remove the helicopter part to see how it work
Subject Area: Technology

Summarize the goals of your exploration. : At the end of the exploration we want to know how do remote controlling systems work and what type of signal does broadcast.
What do you hope to do and learn? : I hope that we will know a lot about remote control and do some work about remote control. I know that it not easy and we have to work hard on it.

What are some BIG questions that your exploration would answer?
How do remote control stuff work?
How much money does it require to build an RC helicopter?
How would your exploration help to change Cambodia?
We will write the information that we’ve been research on our blog and go outside to
share our knowledge with Cambodian people so that they know how an RC helicopter and can closely estimate how much does it cost. Furthermore they can also choose the right quality helicopter with a good price. It also help them to learn about technology.
What resources do you need to complete this exploration?
The resources that we need to buy are RC helicopter, remote broadcaster and receiver.
Do you have a mentor/expert who could help you?

We want to learn what it inside and how it connect with something. We want to learn and we want to make one by our own if we can. We know that is exploration is complicate because we have just four members in our exploration. We just 7 weeks it very short time and we have to determine and focus about this project. For my personal idea I want to make about this Remote Control Helicopter and if we can I want to sell this book too.