3D Design

The main goal in this exploration is we want to teach the students at Chba Aom Pov high school know how to use Free Cad. We have a lot
of problem in this exploration because the computer at the school is don’t work with the program that we want is 123 design so we decide to use free cad because it faster than 123 design. We divide our member into three group and they all need to work with their group to make one video show how to use free cad. I know we have a lot of challenge but we have to do it. Sometimes when I stress I always have a great solution my teacher name Waseem he have a wonderful funny laughing so he make me feel better when I stress. When we make the video already than we edit it and maybe we will use it and give to Chba Aom Pov high school and they can follow step by step to learn how to use free cad. We not reach our goal yet maybe we will still continue our exploration next time.

PBL Project-based learning

This exploration had 7 weeks long and we make our own meaning of PBL.
Project-based learning is an educational method that involves inspiring students in problem solving and investigative activities to gain deeper knowledge, skills, and experiences; giving students the opportunity to actively explore challenging questions and real-world problems outside of the classroom resulting in realistic products, solutions or other outcomes.

We went to see the students presentation in Kratie and it was good. We had big experience at their because we not sleep in other people’s house we camping it was great the first night but the second night had a big problem but great. It was rain and we run around singing under the rain and it was great. All the students presentation and acting are great. They said they want to continue PBL learning style.

DSC_1822       DSC_1680


Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC)

A group of 12 students from the Liger Learning Center, in Phnom Penh, learned about marine conservation in Cambodia, during a seven week long project. The group researched to learn more about marine life and understand the problems of marine ecosystems in Cambodia. The biggest goal of this Exploration is to protect marine ecosystems in Cambodia. To accomplish this goal the students worked really hard to finish this Proposal for a Feasibility Study of Algal Farming as an Alternative Livelihood for Cambodian Fishermen. We had been to Koh Seh to learn about marine life in Cambodia and the place name Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC). My favorite things on the island are snorkel and diving. We have some problems at there too because they don’t have a lot of fresh water so we have to use less fresh water. We love to be there.



A picture of Koh Seh




Drone exploration

My exploration is drone. We had buy one drone and it is advanced drone. This drone is so special because we can use it for many things. Our goal for buy drone for Liger was we want to the the pictures and videos of Liger campus. In our exploration we have four students and one facilitator. We are working so hard for our drone exploration. If we have time we want to make one business. We ask some company in Cambodia for taking their company picture or video and if we have a lot of money we want to help impoverished school in Cambodia. Every day we are practice our drone and we always getting better of drone. We are so happy with this exploration.



Poverty Discretion

  • Thinking some games for kids in the province
Welcome to Poverty in Cambodia! We are a group of 13 students and one learning facilitator. We learn about poverty in Cambodia and also other countries including U.S., Zimbabwe, and Egypt. In class we do not only learn about poverty, but we also try find out the solutions to help people that live in the rural areas in the community in Kompong Chnang by researching. For our learning, we do not just learn from internet and listen to our learning facilitator, but we also invited some people that have the experiences working with the community people and go to other places to learn different things. I love to learn with this class because I can learn about Cambodia poverty and I happy to know about Cambodia poverty.  When we went to Kompong Chnang I play with kids and have fun with them and I learn about stupa. I so happy to learn with Poverty exploration.