Helping my country is always at the top of my mind. Currently, I’m a part of this project called KhmerSight, which we work closely with a foundation to bring back eyesight for many Cambodian people. We would go down to different communities with the KhmerSight foundation staff to deliver free eye testing. The foundation also helps give the opportunity to those who couldn’t afford to get their eyes fixed with free surgery. Seeing people get their eyesight back means a lot to me, and I will continue to be a part of this project.


Here are some of the pictures of what we have accomplished at the community.

Elon Musk’s Biography

Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa—he is currently 47 years old. He obtained his Canadian citizenship in 1989 because it was easier for him to obtain the American citizenship; he became the American citizenship in 2002.  Musk was a son of a Canadian mother and a South African father. At the age of 10, his parents got divorced while Elon started to develop his interest in computers. He taught himself programming when he was 12, and he made his first ever software game called Blaster. Later in his life, Musk took two years at Queen’s University and transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. He graduated from Wharton School and majored in Physics and Art in Economics. When Musk was 24 years old, he moved to California to pursue a Ph.D. in physics at Stanford University. Two days later, Musk left the Ph.D. program to start a business. In 1995, Musk and his younger brother started Zip2, “a web software company that would help newspapers develop online city guides.”

Musk revolutionized online payments: he was a co-founder of a really famous online transfer service called PayPal–was initially called Zip2. In 2002, PayPal was bought by another big company called eBay for 1.5 billion dollars in stock, and Musk received 165 million dollars from eBay. Moreover, he is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, one of the most famous space companies in the world, founded in 2002. SpaceX is a space company that does design, “ manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars.” He is also the CEO of Tesla, a car company that manufactures electric cars. One of its functions that make Tesla is very well-known is a featured called AutoPilot. He is known for the chairman of the Solar City which concentrates in solar energy services.  Currently, he is one of the most intelligent Engineers in the world because of his crazy ideas and mindsets.

All of his inventions are constantly changing the world. For example, Tesla is an environmentally friendly technology which it only required electricity in order to run the process. This means that Elon Musk wanted to end the use of gasoline because it has an immense effect in term of climate change. His private space company, SpaceX, is trying to find a livable planet for humans because he wanted to prevent the from overpopulated. Moreover, people don’t need to carry out their money to buy what they wish because people can use PayPal instead of the actual currency.

In the future, Elon plans to sent people to Mars by 2025 because he wants to colonize the planet and make it into a living place. He even wanted to create tunnels, a new future transportation system. To begin the project, Elon’s objective is to build a network of underground tunnels in LA that move cars on electric skates at the speed of 125 mph. In the next 20 years, cars will not have steering wheels, so they are able to go fully autonomous in the long-term. He even said that “Aircraft and ships and all other forms of transport will go fully electric. Not half electric, but fully electric.” I think these goals will be achievable for him since he is a crazy and intelligent inventor of the century.  

Elon Musk credits his success to three important steps. The first step is to focus on more than one field; when Musk was back in school, he majored in two areas: Art in Economics and Physics. Musk had been interested in space and rockets for so long that he spent a lot of his own time reading textbooks and consulted with experts about rocket science and engineer. “His ability to understand the details of space and SpaceX products helps to connect with staff and build better products.” Musk studies in many different fields; he is able to understand deeper principles, and applies the principles “ to their core specialty.” The second step, learn to transfer knowledge. When Musk was in school, he is known to read two books per day: science fiction, philosophy, religion, and programming. This allowed him to get exposed to a variety of subjects and principles. Third think different. Elon ambition was to introduce the world to new amazing technology that nobody have ever thought of before. For example, Musk and his space company, SpaceX, was able to create a self-landing rocket. This are the three steps that he took to become one of the most famous engineer in the world. In conclusion, I think he is the top ranking inventor of the century by introducing new inventions to the world.  


New Hope For Cambodian Children

On Friday, March 2, 2018, my exploration, HIV/AIDS in Cambodia, went to visit a place called New Hope For Cambodian Children. There were around 200 kids that is currently live in the orphanage, and they are all HIV-positive. Before I met the kids, I thought that they were skinny, sad, and careless; it blew my mind when I went to the place because they were healthy, happy, and lovely kids. The place was a really needed area for those who are HIV-positive because discrimination was forbidden and support was also given. For those students, their level of English was high enough that they could easily communicate with the foreigners. Moreover, I was amazed by the director of the orphanage when she told us that the kids had their own garden. When the crops were harvested, the kids sold it to a stranger because she gave them a better price. Furthermore, I was so upset when I had lunch with them because they thought that I would discriminate against them, but I only wanted to make friend with them. Even though they didn’t talk to me during lunch but I talked to them a lot during our friendly football game.

Thailand Trip & Vex Robotics

On Friday, February 02, 2018 my team and I went to Thailand, and it was my first time to travel abroad. The flight was amazing because I got to see the view from the top and able to travel above the beautiful cloud. Our first dinner, at Thailand, was the spiciest noodle that I ever ate in my entire life.

On the next day, we went to the NIST international school to get ready for the upcoming competition. Right before the competition started, we had a problem that was completely devastated our destination. The robot and the joystick (remote control) was not able to connect to each other.

After our first match, we figured out another immense problem. The motors were stalling so that it does not have the ability to create any movement; the competition was the game of alliance, The Judge will randomly pick us a companion (a team), and we did terribly on the first three games because our alliances were having a difficulty with their robots.

Then, we decided to modify our entire design, and we were so frustrated because we missed our fourth game. We performed so well in our last game, and the ranked 4 team immediately invited us to be their allies. For the last three games, our average points were somewhere around fifty-five.

Sadly, our alliance had a problem with their robot so that they did not make any point. Even though we did not win first place, but it was an enormous jump for us to move from the 17th place to 3rd place.