Culture shock in Cambodia

In our project we study about culture shock in Cambodia. We focus on culture in Cambodia mostly. The reasons of making this is because we want to improve our knowledge of culture and we think that we should know about our own culture. The process of our learning is very good because we have a lot of activities like interviewing people, discussing, researching from the internet, visiting real places and having debates.  We have seven weeks to learn and we research the information to share to other people. Also we have goals to (1) make a video from our knowledge that we learned and also about the trip too, (2) conference with community and (3) blog for all the people in the world. We had a big activity to go to the trip at Siem Reap to interview the people to have more information and make ideas to share in the blog. Also in our group and when we have our Exploration Celebration when we end.






Eco Tourism Description

Exploration name: Ecotourism

Exploration dates: August 13-October 3, 2014

Number of students: 13

Essential questions:

What is ecotourism?

How can ecotourism help change our country?
Ecotourism means to travel to natural areas that protect environment and help people life at location became better. Ecotourism was also about helping to preserve the environment. Our ecotourism group went to Chi Phat to study about the ecotourism in Chi Phat. Also we learned about how ecotourism in Chi Phat are different from other ecotourism sites. Our big goal when we went to Chi Phat was to interview as many people as possible. We interviewed different people to get different answers and all the people had different perspectives. After we interviewed a lot of people we came back and studied about the information we found some areas of concern. Our group made a recommendation to Chi Phat community about the areas of concern. Some areas of concern are education, transportation, marketing, collaboration, and energy. After we finished we will send it to Martin and Prom Hong, the CBET (Community Based Ecotourism Site) directors.


Chi Phat kids