Trip To Kep

On Thursday afternoon we leave Liger for our last trip to Kep. We are singing and play card in the bus we enjoyed and have fun together. When we arrive Jasmine Valley it was great for us to visit. It is our new experience because we live without electricity at night it was very dark. On Friday we do fun activities at the morning but at the afternoon we have GPS game we have to how to use GPS around the mountain my teacher hide chest somewhere and we have five chests around the mountain. It was great and hard because it was so hot and some of our group at the back and one more problem that I scare the most is lost the way. On Saturday is our free time because ride on the boat the the beautiful Rabbit island it was tourism place. We swim and play at the Rabbit island we all enjoy together. Sunday we come back to Liger it was the worse day for me and the other Liger students because we get sunburn it was hurt and hard to carry things. But at last we all enjoy our trip!.DSC_2102