Literacy & Writing

Name: Rithy
Group: D
Date: 3/9/15
English Writing

I go to an unusual school. The Liger Learning Center (LLC) is in Cambodia and we have 50 students, 25 boys and 25 girls. This school has a lot of subjects like literacy, math, khmer and especially Liger focus on exploration. All the students come from different provinces in Cambodia. Sometimes students have the opportunity to go to another country and different provinces in Cambodia. This school has just one in Cambodia because all the students are very smart and kind. Liger students have their own computers and they always use computers during the school time. Liger has four houses and every house has one Residential Educator. The goal for this school is to change Cambodia. We learn two languages Khmer and English. I very happy to learn in Liger school because Liger can change my future 100%. This school give me a lot of education and maybe one day I will become expert of somethings.

Sonnet Poem

I like and want to play the clash of clan

Every war am not the man of the match

I said the true pekka is not a m an

And Lava-hounds color are very bright

Giant, pekka, golem, archer, healer

Update- Update make me feel very bad

Am not play clash of clan during thunder

No coin upgrade make me so sad and mad

Golem, Golem no need to do like that

The worse attack getting 30%

Attack around the base make love you sad

Golems are bad and done for me right now

Pekka, wizard the best attack three stars

I like to play and seat on the sofa.