Introduction to Statistics

In our math class for this term, we are now advocating ourselves to become experts on the complex topic called Statistics. Our handsome math teacher, Jeff, divided the topic into smaller units so that the students are able to learn it at their own pace. Jeff designates us to complete various Statistics unites on Khan Academy−it’s also a huge part of our grade for this term.  

Statistics is a topic that is quite different from others; it is more challenging and critical. The whole idea of statistics is not only about calculating the number, but it is also about how we use our language to elaborate on our answers in a precise way.    


SAT Practice

In our math class, my classmates and I are working really hard to get prepared for the SAT test in October. We are doing a multitude of practices and finding techniques that are able to help us with the preparation. As I mentioned in the previous post, all of the Academy students were taken a two weeks long PSAT boot camp; however, we are still improving on the sections that we are struggling with. For example, one of the topics that some of the students are currently struggling with is the percentage change. We find it difficult with the percentage change word problems since we need to understand clearly about the context so that we can implement the formula to solve for the solution. To solve for the percentage change questions, first, we need to take the New value to subtract it to the Initial value, divide everything by the initial value and multiply it by 100.  

Percentage change = (New value – Initial value)/(Initial Value) = X * 100