Test Prep

I have a class called Test Prep which we are going to get ready for our future tests like IELTS and more. We are focusing on strategies to make the test going easier like read the question first then read the text. This is our first week we are reading the text and then answering the questions with evidence and illuminate our answer. I feel apprehensive because all of our Khmer teachers didn’t pass the test so I need to show a lot persistent in this class. In about three to four years in the future we will do this test I hope everything will go well and I will give full effort during all of this tests. There is a multitude of people who pass these test and including a multitude of people who didn’t pass these test, for my goal I want to stay with those people who pass the tests and go to a college. In conclusion, I always keep thinking of one quote and this quote help me to remind myself to give full effort is “If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to build there’s.”