The main thing that I learned in Entrepreneurship was I learned about 3D printer. 3D printer was one kind of machine that could print the products. I knew how to use 123 design it was so good to learned about that but it not easy when I design in computer it so hard it use 1 week to make just one product. Then when I have the design in computer already and could message to 3d printer it could print. The term vocab that I used to know a lot was feedback, Entrepreneur, Consumer, Failing Fast, Market. All of this words could help me a lot when learned in entrepreneurship thought about failing fast need to determination and where the place to buy and who was my costumer. When I learned entrepreneurship again I felt happy and learned more and more and could found the money too. When I learned a lot about entrepreneur it could be I am the expert of entrepreneur and when I grow up I this was maybe my goal in the future. My new product I thought  was armband but I don’t knew how to do yet. My team was I want to change my team because I want to learn with the new students and got new ideas as possible.  I contact the email that I know that I sell to them if they want and during the collaboration  I can sell the product by that too.


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