A few months ago, I had an opportunity to listen to a former Aerospace engineer from Boeing to talk about his experiences in the field of spacecraft design. Even though he was a retired space engineer, his knowledge about spacecraft was still exemplary and I learned and understood so much information from his phenomenal presentation. He then introduced us to CubeSat: a small satellite with the dimension of 10 by 10 centimeters that can do various missions in space. I was so interested in the topic and couldn’t stop thinking about it at all. His speech inspired the Academy and us to form up a team, of five students, called LigerSat with an immense mission to create the first Cambodia CubeSat and send it to space-I’m also one of the team members. Our team initiated the project without knowing what to do, and we were completely struggled at first. Later on, we got connected with mentors and worked closely with them to understand more about CubeSat.

It was tough for us to keep up with our work since Cambodia has not yet introduced to the space industry. We decided to check for international conferences so that we can connect with more space-related experts. There was a Nano-Satellite conference hosted in China, we worked so hard to persuade the Academy director; our request got accepted and our team went to the conference and got connected with many experts.


I’ve been interested in space for so long, and this project had delivered me the opportunity to experience my passion. I and my teammates wanted to become the pioneer of Cambodia first space program. Even though the project is vast, we will painstakingly collaborate as a team to make this project become reality before our graduation in 2020.

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