Visit S21

When I went to S21 I feel happy before starting the audio tour. After listening to the audio I start to feel really bad and kind of angry because it is too much for me to hear about this information. When I saw the bed with the picture on the top I can imagine the bed with dead body sleep on and I feel really scared of it I need a partner or more to walk with me. There are only 12 people alive from S21 they are really lucky and like a fantasy when I heard they’re still people alive from S21. When I walk across the quiet room I feel really scared and I feel like what happen if the ghost appears in front of me. There were no laughing but full of sadness, I still feel bad because there are more foreign people visit S21 than Cambodia people. I saw the picture of the way they killed people contain cruel. Duch, he’s one of the smartest students in his class than he becomes the leader of S21, the rule at S21 was really strong with a lot of punishment. This is the scariest place I’ve ever been before, I’m so sorry for those people who had killed with sadness and full of starvation. I saw blood I saw the weapon that they used to kill people I’m really sorry for those who had killed during Khmer Rouge regime including my relative.

Visit The Killing Field (Cheung Ekk)

I felt happy before I went to see the Chung Ek. After walking around and listened to the headphone I start to feel sad and sometimes I feel shock. Most of the information are new for me, also there are about 20,000 who had died at Chung Ek. I saw bones, clothes, and trees, all of this are left from Khmer Rouge regime. When I heard people are died from knife, palm tree, hamer and etc. This is all the cheap products but they can kill people very quick, when I heard people are killing by this way I start to imagine to myself what will I feel when I was in that situation. When they bring all the people to Chung Ek they told that they will have a new home to live, but most of them they knew that they will died. Their was a girl who had 2 bananas and they think she stole it so they killed her with hammer. When I was walking during listen to the headphone I was standing near the place where they had killed people, that time I felt really shock and I step backward. I noticed that there are no one laughing and feel happy all the visitors are quiet because they are so emotional full of sadness even they are not Cambodia.

Preventative Health (Koh Rong)

My most powerful highlights are to see the first seahorse in my life during snorkel I do not just see seahorse I also my first time to see octopus, pipefish and saw a lot of different kinds of fish under the new crazy world. I saw my favorite fish which is Blue Ring Angelfish. This is the first time to walk to the farthest waterfall which is really fun with hiking and also playing with a really cold water. It one of the changing Cambodia because we had educated students to know more about how to prevent their health such as teeth and also diet. I have communicated with a lot of students at the island and playing differents fun games with them. My favorite part of the exploration was to scuba dive I saw a really big fish like I was staying in a new colorful world. One of the challenge during scuba dive was hurting my ear when I was going to deep into the water and using sign under the water.





Change Agent (The SuperBook)

My name is Rithy and I am from the Liger Learning Center located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Liger is a tuition free school that helps Cambodian students to become change agents. We have created change through two books that we created for government schools in Cambodia. One of those book is about the Cambodia Economy and the other one is about Wildlife in Cambodia.

.Right now my team and I are working on a project about finding and interviewing people who create change in the world. Our purpose of this project is to share how they become change makers to other young Cambodians that have the same goal. I identify The SuperBook as a change maker because they help change the world by creating better technology such as the The SuperBook. The SuperBook is special because it connects from phone into computer and every program and app will show on the computer screen. The SuperBook encourage me to make change with technology and improve how people use technology. Cambodia is a developing country so I would like to encourage people to use better technology such as The SuperBook.

I ask them for a short interview. The interview is about five minutes long and we would like to record a video during the interview. After recording the video we might publish the video on television, youtube etc.

download                         Image result for the superbook

The SuperBook

Andrew Jiang
Cofounder / COO

Founder of Bayes Impact (Y Combinator); Consultant

at Boston Consulting Group

Here are some questions I ask Andrew Jiang:

  1. How did you get your idea or concept for the business?
  2. What would you consider success with the business?
  3. What are your company’s short term goals?
  4. How will you advertise your business?
  5. What changes will The Superbook make in the world of computing?
  6. If you has one piece of advice to give someone starting out as an entrepreneur, what would it be?
  7. Have you ever failed in business? If so, what did you learn from that lesson?