Literacy & Writing

Name: Rithy
Group: D
Date: 3/9/15
English Writing

I go to an unusual school. The Liger Learning Center (LLC) is in Cambodia and we have 50 students, 25 boys and 25 girls. This school has a lot of subjects like literacy, math, khmer and especially Liger focus on exploration. All the students come from different provinces in Cambodia. Sometimes students have the opportunity to go to another country and different provinces in Cambodia. This school has just one in Cambodia because all the students are very smart and kind. Liger students have their own computers and they always use computers during the school time. Liger has four houses and every house has one Residential Educator. The goal for this school is to change Cambodia. We learn two languages Khmer and English. I very happy to learn in Liger school because Liger can change my future 100%. This school give me a lot of education and maybe one day I will become expert of somethings.

Cambodia Reader & Writer Festival

On Friday, October 20, 2017, I attended an event called the Cambodia Reader and Writer festival. It was a three whole days event, and we met a multitude of the young and old Cambodian authors. Moreover, Cambodian people were rarely reading books, and this festival was trying to increase the amount of reader in the country. It was an exciting experience for me to be a part of the festival because I met a lot of famous Cambodian author.

Narrative Essay

In the literacy class, we learned how to write our own narrative essay. Narrative essay included personal anecdote and addressed our own coming of age experienced. My essay was a kid who got a scholarship to learn in the Phnom Penh, city. This kid left his family and the other important people in his life just to get a standard education. This life-changing moment transferred the ability to the kid to become the reality of who he actually is.

Name: Rithy Hong

Date Thursday, August 31, 2017

Title: Coming of Age

Loneliness Leads to Success

The affable house that I used to live and the sweet sounds that I used to hear vanished almost instantaneously. My life became secretly lonely when I moved to a new mysterious place. I lived without my lovely parents, my friendly friends, and the other important people in my life. Until I came to Liger, I realized, this life changing-movement had changed my whole life to become the reality of who I am. Why do I need to come to the Liger Leader Academy school?

After all, when I was nine years old, in the fourth grade, I was one of the smartest students in the class. It was a really tough situation for me to become one of the smartest kids because of family’s condition. Even though I did not have enough money for supplies or snacks, I had many supportive friends. One day I was given a test and I was the only student that passed. I was given the scholarship to attend a new school, the Liger Leadership Academy. The day had come, I am super ready for my departure and delighted to see tall buildings in the beautiful, Phnom Penh, city. But then, my tears started to drop when the wheels of the bus starting to move. My mom asked, “Are you ok?” I replied,‘’I’m super fine mom!’’. Later on, I am anxious to tell my mom about my decision to return back to my hometown because of homesick. Suddenly, I reminded myself of a quote that my grandma told me, “You did not know where you was going until you got there.” This quote inspired me to resume rowing on my journey and be who I am today. Moreover, when I first arrived the school, I saw students entering the gate with smiling and showing enthusiastic. I was cheerful to be a part of the Liger Leadership Academy school.  

A few days later, the school started functioning, and it was inconvenient for this kid to live with strangers. I cried a lot, I started making the connection with strangers and I found a friend, he gave me warm and confident. Moreover, I noticed that my life required more friends so I could live with efficiency. Furthermore, I assembled plenty of friends and they were friendly and smart kids. Next, new friends are new memories, new experiences, and a brand new delighted life. This is the biggest lesson that I had learned in my life is to make friends. Of course, if I had not made any friends, my life will be different, and lonely will be there waiting for me to ends my destination.

As we are getting older our mind will change and it is natural. Now I am 15 years old, of course, my body is getting more matured, but my face still looks young and handsome. I had lived at the Liger Leadership Academy, school for six years, and there are so many obstacles that I had overcome and been who I am today.


Moreover, teenage life will never want to be a loser, we need win instead of losing. I used to have a lot of complexity with my close friends because of having different ideas and different mindsets. We did not talk to each other for months until one day I decided to say the hardest word “sorry” to him. I asked, ”Can we befriend again?” He replied, “Emm, okay,” we are friend again. My reaction when he said the word “Ok” was indescribable.


Afterward, I am really proud and thankful to myself for not choosing the wrong decision even though I am a loser. There were so many multiplexes that I had faced as I’m getting older. This is another big lesson that I had learned as a teenager is, “To be a loser, but we win ourself”. This means, as we are getting more mature, we want to win, but sometimes we have to forgive ourself because we want friends instead of winning as an individual person.

It seems to be lonely if a mature person travels or walk as an individual. We need to take actions and forgive each other to construct a stronger foundation of friendship. Friends are my family members because they give me all of the life lessons, warm especially having a wonderful life together.

I am so proud and extremely excited to take this enormous opportunity to come to the Liger Leadership Academy because I used advanced technology, received an international standard of education, and cooked my own delicious food.

Building Remote Car

In the engineering expertise, we learn to code by using different type of electrical components. Currently, I and my teammates get an assignment from Wasseem (Engineering Facilitator), and the assignment is to build our own remote control car that will need breadboards, DC motors, jumper cables and etc.

Visiting iThinkAsia Animation Studio

On September 27, 2017, I and my animation teammates went to iThink Asia, the first animation studio in Cambodia, to learn the basics of animation. I was delighted to visit there because my passion was more into animation if compared to drawing. Moreover, we watched many animation videos of the bouncing ball, and all single students were ready for their first animation task after got a clear explanation from the video. Furthermore, we used OpenToonz software to create our own bouncing ball animation, and it also required digital drawing. I spent my first hour just to finish the task, and I had a lot of obstacles that were related to Open Toonz. Lastly, If I get another opportunity to go back to iThink Asia I will try my best to create a better animation with a better quality.

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Engineering Extension

On Monday, August 14, 2017, I attended an engineering ASE (after school extension), guided by Waseem (our facilitator). My purpose was to build a fancy robot arm which used a multitude of standard components. The plan isn’t functioning because I’m a beginner, so I needed to raise up with a simpler design. Finally, I brought up with a new plan of constructing the robot arm which included servo motors, ice cream sticks, potentiometers and etc. Currently, I’m in the process of finishing up the product, and the desire of the robot is to lift the object up into the air (with weight requirement). In conclusion, this my first prototype of the robot arm, and in the future I will develop the concept and the robot will be able to lift the heavier objects.

Khmer & Pjum Ben

In Khmer class, my team, a group of three students, got an assignment from our teacher which we needed to do research about Pjum Ben. Pjum Ben is the national holiday for the Cambodian people, and they will come together as an individual family. This is a really immense festival because we believe during that period the gates of hell are opened so that we could send the food to our ancestor by going to the pagoda. Even though I fully believe in ghost, but I still respect in spiritual because it is my own religion, my own culture, and my own environment.        

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In Physic class, we learn mostly about friction. We mainly practicing problems after we clearly understand the topic. Currently, our topics are connected to Static and Kinetic friction. Static friction is  Static friction is a force that keeps an object at rest. It must be overcome to start moving the object. Moreover, static friction has an equal magnitude in the opposite direction. Kinetic friction is a force that acts between moving surfaces. The magnitude of the force depends on the coefficient of kinetic friction between the two kinds of material.

Math & Khan Academy

In Math class, we consistently use Khan Academy to maximise our math learning skills. Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with a goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students. The organization produces short lectures in the form of YouTube videos ( Info From Khan). Khan Academy is truly beneficial free tools that we could use to guide our math class and prepare for the quiz-test.